How Do You Properly Take Care of Your Pet Bird

Pet Bird

Birds, while not a very popular pet option, are highly rewarding and entertaining pets to have. Most people are often confused on how to properly care for birds. Below are a few tips on looking after a pet bird.


Birds are generally kept in bird cages, which should be more of a home than a prison. It is important to find a birdcage that is suitable based on the size and type of bird you intend to keep. The bird should be able to comfortably stretch out its wings and move around the cage freely, but not escape through any open spaces. Avoid cages made of heavy metals as they may poison your bird over time. If you have any other pets in the house be sure to keep your birdcage safely away from their reach to avoid the bird being threatened. Lastly, ensure your bird receives an equal amount of natural sunlight and darkness every day. Read our article on cheap room heating solutions to keep your home warm for you and your pet during winter. 


Feeding a bird is not a costly or tedious affair as they mostly feed on a variety of seeds. They can also consume greens, fruits, or bird pellets. There are foods that are designated for specific bird species and your local pet store will most probably stock these foods. It is important to feed your bird a healthy and well-balanced diet to ensure it stays clear of any diseases such as obesity and vitamin deficiency. Food and water should be provided in bowls kept out of reach in the cage to avoid the bird accidentally defecating inside them.


It is important to keep the birdcage and its surroundings clean at all times. Cleaning should be done 2 – 3 times a week to ensure waste does not accumulate in the cage. Cleaning also allows you to wipe down surfaces and replace bird food and water. While birds are naturally self-cleaning animals, it does not hurt to give your bird a periodic bath in shallow water. They actually enjoy baths! Just avoid using chemicals on your bird like shampoos or soaps. Similarly, when sanitizing the surfaces in and within the birdcage, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach. Instead, use hot boiling water to kill any germs in the cage and feeding bowls.

Bonding & Entertaining

Birds, just like most pets, enjoy being kept entertained by their owners. Birds are used to being in flocks and greatly appreciate having a mate to bond with. There are a variety of toys available for birds and these will help them stay busy when you are not around. When you are in the house, be sure to give your pet bird a lot of attention and love. Don’t be afraid to let your bird out of the cage for closer bonding. They will greatly appreciate this! Just be sure to close all the windows and keep away any hazards like toxic plants, aggressive animals, or spinning ceiling fans.